ASID Discussion Forum Guidelines

ASID Academy discussion forums were developed as an online community space for ASID members to engage in extended conversations and learn from each others’ experiences. We encourage you to approach conversations with curiosity, tolerance, and humor.

The full ASID community (students, educators, industry partners, and all practitioner members) has access to the discussion forums. Conduct yourself in a manner befitting of your audience. ASID does not assume responsibility for the views or opinions expressed by members in these discussion forums.

By accessing this resource, you are acknowledging the ASID Academy Discussion Forum Guidelines and agreeing to abide them.

Things to Do

  • Be mindful of your audience. We want you to feel free to express your thoughts as you see fit, with the understanding that this is a professional platform. Our goal is to provide a safe space for all our users. We cannot guarantee that without your participation.
  • Share appropriately. You have the ability to post links. Only introduce relevant and professional sources to the conversation.
  • Be original. And if you’re not expressing your own ideas, remember to give credit where it’s due.  
  • Have fun! Keeping it professional doesn't mean you can't share a good laugh with your peers.

Things Not to Do

We expect the members of this community to treat everyone with respect. If we determine that you are violating the safe space afforded to all our members, we will be forced to act. This may mean barring you from the platform or ending your affiliation with this organization.

  • Don’t link illegal, prohibited, or inappropriate content. If we find you doing it, we will remove your post and, based on the severity of your actions, take additional action to remove you from the conversation.
  • Don’t harass other users. ASID will not tolerate the harassment or abuse of their members on this educational platform. If you have to wonder if your comments will be in violation of these guidelines, then you should take a step back and review your words before posting.  Be respectful in your interactions with others within this forum.
  • Don’t use hate speech. It’s not nice. Don’t do it.
  • Don't use this forum for commercial activity. This space is intended for ASID Academy users to engage around educational topics. This forum is not intended to promote or advertise commercial services.

Check out the ASID Academy FAQs for more information about how you can make the most out of your experience on the ASID Academy. You can also reach out to with additional questions.