Looking Forward to the Future of Work

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Distributed work is not new, but the pandemic has accelerated its adoption. Among distributed working models, the hybrid workplace strategy has emerged as the distributed working model for the most equitable work experience. The pandemic forced the world to quickly adopt distributed working models. As people return to the office, they desire the flexibility the hybrid model offers. Organizations can reorient their workplace to focus on activities that were difficult to support from home. This course explores the key shifts, settings, and considerations for a more inclusive, intuitive, desirable, and adaptable office.

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Joseph White

Director of Design Strategy, Placemaking Research & Insight

Herman Miller

Joseph White brings over 15 years of design experience to Herman Miller’s ongoing research into human-focused workplace design and currently executes strategies around those findings. He earned a Bachelor of Science in interior design from the University of Tennessee, where his studies opened up explorations into nonverbal communication, color theory, and the interactions between people and their environments. From this academic core, he built a professional vita around one fundamental belief: that everything is connected.


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07/22/2021 at 10:00 AM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
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