NVIDIA Omniverse: A New Way to Design and Collaborate in Real Time

Experience real-time, photorealistic simulations and collaborations with NVIDIA Omniverse, a design platform from Dell and NVIDIA to improve decision-making and client communications.

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Realize your vision with photoreal accuracy, make decisions in real time, collaborate with your partners regardless of which software they use, and interact with clients halfway across the world – this is the foundation of NVIDIA Omniverse. Built from the ground up for collaboration, NVIDIA Omniverse is a new way to approach design. Utilize the tools and software you already know in coordination with your creative collaborators. See your work come to life with realistic detail by simulating the properties of light, and do it all interactively with photoreal results. Omniverse lets you generate more concepts, with more variations, by allowing you to iterate at the speed of light and experience more efficient decision-making and client communications.

This is a recording of a webinar presented on May 5, 2021.

What You Will Learn
  • Recognize the power of collaborative design
  • Identify the benefits of real-time visualization
  • Implement improved client communication with real-time decision making

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Access period: One year from registration date.

Rick Grandy

Principal Solutions Architect – Media and Entertainment


Rick Grandy is a principal solutions architect on the ProViz team at NVIDIA where he focuses on deep learning and graphics for media and entertainment. Rick has nearly 30 years’ experience with visual effects and animation. From working with the first fully simulated skin/muscle system in "The Mummy," to creating furry creatures in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," developing facial and body performance capture in "Beowulf," to designing shape-shifting robots for the "Transformers” films, Rick's career has been on the leading edge of VFX technology. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Rick developed real-time previsualization pipelines for multiple studios and designed post-production workflows for the Star Wars and Star Trek film franchises. His career's work can be seen in over 30 motion pictures, along with multiple VR, commercial, and television projects.

Greg Brill

Business Development Manager, NVIDIA Graphics for Workstations

Dell Technologies

Greg Brill has been with Dell Technologies at Dell’s corporate HQ for 21 years. He currently is the business development manager for NVIDIA workstation products at Dell Technologies. Greg manages the relationship with Dell’s Precision Workstation products with NVIDIA Quadro and NVIDIA RTX GPUs to ensure perfect pairing to enable creatives in every aspect for data science.  Greg was also recently elected as a Director to the UBC Dams board and serves his community on a regional dam and flood mitigation activity.     


NVIDIA Omniverse Webinar Recording
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Webinar recording is 36 minutes long, capturing introductions and the main presentation.