Help your students engage with ASID!

Looking to help start or support a student chapter on campus? Access a variety of student materials and resources in the Student Center! Find Student Chapter Kick-Off Kits, Student Chapter Manuals, recruitment materials and more to help develop a thriving student chapter. Click on the "Resources" tab to download.

Available Resources

ASID Student Chapter Kick-Off Kit 

Start the semester off with a fresh recruitment kit filled with downloadable and printable guides, posters, postcards, and membership applications to help grow your chapter. These materials will enable you to build a healthy student chapter while communicating the mission and values of ASID.  

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Here is a list of items available to you as you begin to spread the word about ASID! 

  • Student Membership Application 
  • Student JOIN Brochure 
  • Student JOIN Poster 
  • Advancement Track Postcard 
  • Student Path Palm Card
  • ASID Foundation Scholarships 
  • Downloadable swag items! 

Student Chapter Reference Manual

This manual will help you better understand the basics in running your chapter successfully, the leadership within the ASID organization, and the tools required to lead a thriving student chapter.

Student Story PowerPoint

Turn to the ASID Student Story PowerPoint to present at your next meeting. It is a great resource to use when recruiting and/or educating those interested in being a part of ASID.

ASID Student Chapter Brand Guide

This guide will provide you with uniform, consistent, and effective communications that resonate with your student chapter members and those you are trying to recruit.

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