The International Living Future Institute is an environmental NGO committed to catalyzing the transformation toward communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. The Institute is premised on the belief that providing a compelling vision for the future is a fundamental requirement for reconciling humanity’s relationship with the natural world. The Institute operates the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most ambitious, advanced, and holistic performance standard for buildings. It is a hub for many other visionary programs that support the transformation toward a living future. Learn more at

Top 5 Ways to Create a Living Future:

5. Learn about a Living Building! See this case study at Georgia Tech

4. Disclose your interior design product’s “ingredients label” with Declare and qualify for use in Living Buildings. Get started here

3. Become an ILFI member today for discounts on education, events, and access to a directory of other Living Building professionals. 

2. Join us at the Zero Carbon Conference, Oct 7-8, online. 

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