ASID Live Webinar FAQs

1. How do I join the webinar?

  1. You will access the webinar through ASID Academy.
  2. Within 15 minutes of the start time, login to ASID Academy and go to your DASHBOARD (link in the top menu).
  3. The webinar will be listed at the top under “Upcoming Live Events.
  4. Click on the “Upcoming Live Event” button to open and follow the link to the webinar.

Note: If you attempt to join the webinar too early (more than 15 minutes ahead), you may need to refresh your browser to get the link to work once you’re within the 15 minute window.


2. How can I add the webinar to my calendar?

Follow the directions above to access the webinar through your DASHBOARD. Before the webinar begins, you are able to Test Your Browser and add the event to your calendar.


When you click “Add to Calendar,” a meeting invitation will download through your browser. Open it and click to accept through Outlook or another calendar program. There will be a link embedded in the invitation that will direct you to the ASID Academy page for the live event.

3. Will I receive reminders?

Yes, reminders are programmed to be sent three days in advance, one day in advance, and the day of the webinar.

4. What kind of software do I need to attend?

You do not need any special software. The webinar will open in your browser as a new window or tab.

Your browser must support HTML-5. It is recommended that you have the most recent version available, for example:

  • Chrome 60 or greater
  • Firefox 52 or greater
  • Edge 14 or greater
  • Safari 10 or greater
  • iOS 10 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 11

Please Test Your Browser before the webinar.

The handout “Event Center Webinar Viewing Technical Requirements” is available to download now from the “Handouts” tab.


5. Can I attend a webinar on my mobile device?

Yes, you can install the following apps for your device:

6. How do I hear the presentation?

You will listen to the presentation over your computer. Make sure your speakers are turned on and unmuted, or have headphones/earbuds plugged in to listen.

You may see a pop-up window requiring you to “Press Play” to hear the audio track.

The browser test page includes an audio test to check your system ahead of time.

7. How do I ask questions?

We use a moderated chat feature during the webinar. Participants can type in questions or comments and hit send to submit. Only the moderator and presenter can see your question, not other participants


The moderator or presenter will answer by typing a reply, or verbally if during the Q & A period.

Note: You will not see your question after you hit “Send” until the moderator types in a response. Then you will see your question and the response in the chat window.

8. How do I get the handouts?

If there are handouts available during the webinar, you will see them listed in the “Links” box. Click on the file name to open another tab or window to view.


Handouts may also be available before or after a webinar through the ASID Academy course page.

9. I tried to open up a Link to get a handout and I lost the connection to the webinar—what do I do?

  • Links are supposed to open up in new tabs or windows, but your browser settings may override that behavior.
  • Try using the back button to navigate back. You may need to log in to the Academy again.
  • You can also close and start over/try a different browser.
  • You can always wait until the end of the presentation to download if you keep having problems.

10. I was able to get in the webinar but now my screen is frozen.

Try exiting out of the webinar (close that tab), exit out of your browser, and try again. You may also want to try a different browser if you continue to experience problems.

11. Will there be a recording?

Yes, the webinar will be recorded. The recording will be available through the ASID Academy course page or through your DASHBOARD. Note the recording will be listed under “On-Demand” courses, not “Upcoming Live Events.

12. How do I get IDCEC credit and earn my CEU?

If you attend the live webinar, ASID will report your attendance to IDCEC.

If you watch the recording, you will need to pass a ten question exam in order to earn credit. ASID would then report your completion to IDCEC.

Note: There may be a delay between the live webinar and the availability of the recording for CEU credit as we must obtain IDCEC approval. You will have access to the recording for a full year after the live event and can earn the CEU at any time within the year.


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