Getting Started

1. What is the ASID Academy? Is it an accredited school?

The ASID Academy is a learning management system that offers continuing education courses and professional development training for interior designers and others working in the built environment. The ASID Academy is not an accredited school offering degree programs. Students of interior design will find relevant content on career development, but the majority of courses are for design practitioners with some work experience. 

2. How do I sign on to the ASID Academy and create a profile?

If you already have a username and password to login to the ASID website, you will use the same credentials to login to the ASID Academy (Hint: Your username is your email address of record; contact Customer Service at for assistance). If you are not already registered, follow the link for "Create an Account" and complete the required information. Visit Getting Started for more details.

3. Can I take courses if I’m not a member of ASID?

Yes, ASID Academy courses are open to everyone. You are not required to provide membership information when registering.

4. How do I update the information in my profile?

To update your ASID profile, click on “Your ASID Account Profile” from the dropdown menu under your name. To update your ASID Academy profile, click on “Your Profile/Settings on This Site”. You must be logged in to see your name in the top right corner.

5. How do I change my password?

Select “Change Password” from your ASID Account Profile (see Question 4 on how to access).

Finding and Taking Courses

1. How do I search or browse for courses?

Visit Getting Started for tips on navigating the ASID Academy site to find and register for courses.

2. Is there a way to indicate my preferred/favorite courses?

Yes. Use the star symbol found on any course listing to "Favorite" a course, personalized to you. Your starred courses will then be visible at the top of the list until you click on the star again to "unfavorite" it.

3. Do I need any special software to take courses?

No, you only need to be connected to the Internet on your computer or mobile device. The courses will launch in any browser except Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.  Note to Mac/Apple users: Learners sometimes report technical difficulties when using the Safari browser.

4. How do I launch a course?

Once you’ve registered and/or purchased a course, it will show up when clicking on the “Dashboard” link in the top menu. Click on the Course Name to begin. Courses are listed from oldest to most recently registered in your Course List. If you have a long list of courses on your Dashboard you can use "Advanced Search" to filter by title.

You can also use the star symbol to "Favorite" a course on your Dashboard. Your starred courses will then be visible at the top of the list.

5. One of the course components/modules won't launch correctly; what do I do?

Course components or modules are designated sections within a course that contain content such as a video, an article or other resource file, and/or a quiz or place where you upload your work (if required). If a course component does not open or "play" correctly, we recommend the following considerations and steps to troubleshoot:

  • Some course components are set to open automatically in a new browser window/tab. If this doesn't occur, you may have to disable your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups temporarily (instructions to disable pop-up blocker for each browser here).
  • Some course components or modules require you to complete the previous content and/or activities in the previous modules to access them. Be sure you have completed all the elements in previous modules so you can progress through the course as designed for the best learning experience.  
  • Sometimes your web browser cache prevents you from moving through the course. Try clearing your web browser cache and restarting the browser (instructions related to each browser here). 
  • If that doesn't help, try launching the course in a different web browser (i.e. try Firefox instead of Safari. The ASID Academy is not compatible with Internet Explorer, and users sometimes report issues with Safari). 
  • Try viewing the course on a different device, such as a laptop if you're having trouble on a mobile device. We do recommend taking your courses on a laptop or other computer device for the best learning experience 

If you are still having issues, please contact for troubleshooting, with as much detail as possible regarding your issue (be sure to include the name of the course).

6. Do I have to complete a course in one sitting?

No. The system will track your progress in a course, and you can pick up where you left off. You can even save your place in a video if you go back to view it within one week. You have one full year from the date of registration to complete your course, unless otherwise indicated.

7. Can I download a course and watch it later offline?

No, you need to have an Internet connection to take a course. The ASID Academy website is mobile-friendly, so you can take courses on the go. There is not a dedicated app, but you can launch the site and access your courses through a web browser on your phone or tablet. 

8. How do I pass a course?

You must complete all the course components (including the evaluation/feedback survey), and answer at least 80% of all quiz questions correctly to receive your certificate of completion.

9. Can I retake a quiz if I don’t pass?

Yes, the quizzes are set up for multiple attempts to pass. If you do not pass on your first try, you will see a note telling you how many attempts you have left, and you will be able to go back to the quiz to try again.

10. Can I retake a course to refresh my knowledge?

Yes, you will have access to your course for up to one year (unless otherwise indicated), and you may review as many times as you wish. However, you will only earn CEU credit once.

Pricing and Policies

1. How do I take advantage of special member pricing or discounts for courses?

If you are an ASID member, the member pricing or discount will be applied automatically once you log in, and you will only see the member prices as you browse and check out.

2. Can I get a refund for an ASID Academy purchase?

All sales are final. No refunds are issued for online courses after purchase.

3. How long will I have access to my course(s)?

You will have access for one year after the date of registration/purchase unless otherwise noted. You will receive reminders when you are within 30 days from course expiration.

4. Can more than one person take the course?

No. The courses are intended for individual use. Completed courses can only be reported for one user’s Continuing Education requirements. Do not use another individual’s login information to register for a course. You must log in as yourself to receive a certificate of completion and credit for completing a course.
Please contact if you’d like to register multiple people for a course.

Continuing Education and Reporting to Accrediting Bodies

1.  Can I earn continuing education credits on the ASID Academy?

Yes, we offer courses approved by the International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and/or the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for continuing education. Look for the "Credits Available" notation on course listings and detail under "Continuing Education Approval" in the Course Overview to confirm credits available. You can also search the Course Catalog under “Type” for CEUs.

2. Do ASID Academy courses count towards my ASID member CEU requirement?

The majority of the courses are approved by the International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and will count towards your membership requirement. 

3. How are my ASID Academy CEUs reported?

If the course carries CEU credit, ASID Education will report CEUs earned to the International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) on your behalf within 7-10 business days. 

If you need proof of completion for any other reporting body, you are able to print a certificate of completion when you finish all of the required course components and pass any associated quizzes.

Many courses are also approved for AIA (American Institute of Architects) learning units. ASID Education will report your completion to AIA if we have your AIA Member Number.  

  • AIA members
    • We recommend adding your AIA Member Number to your ASID Account Profile so we know to report your credit(s). To update your ASID profile, click on “Your ASID Account Profile” from the dropdown menu under your name above. Go to the “About My Work/Affiliations” section of your ASID Account Profile, check off AIA under Professional Organization Memberships, and enter your AIA Member Number on the line below. 
    • Alternatively, upon completion of an AIA-approved course, send a request to report your credit to, including your AIA member number, the course name, and date completed. We will report your completion to AIA on your behalf.

Contact for more information: