3D Printer Safety: A Guide for Supporting Indoor Air Quality & Human Health

Use this toolkit to understand the fundamentals of 3D printers and learn mitigation strategies to support the safe application of this innovative technology. 

Thanks to the development of affordable, compact, and user-friendly 3D printers, consumer use is booming particularly in offices, classrooms, and homes. 3D printers have become a valuable tool. But, as with so many new technologies, there are also unintended consequences to consider. There‚Äôs a growing need to better understand human health and environmental risks associated with 3D printing, specifically as it relates to chemical exposure. Chemical Insights Research Institute, along with researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology, embarked on a multi-year research initiative on 3D printer emissions. Read this user-friendly toolkit to access essential information, directly applicable to your practice. 

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3-D Printer Safety
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