Chemistry in Material Selection & Specification: Key Considerations

Learn the critical questions to ask when selecting and specifying materials, and explore key considerations including health and safety, performance, and environmental impact.

As an interior designer, you are challenged to make decisions with limited resources, knowledge, and time. With transparent guidance on the basic connection between materials and chemistry, learn key questions to ask in the material selection and specification process to make more informed decisions appropriate to your design project. We explore the basic chemistry of materials, focusing on health impacts, life cycle assessments, and material selection and specification considerations (including application/use, performance, maintenance, budget and timeline, and working with contractors/installers). 

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ASID Research      Building With Chemistry

What You Will Learn

This document addresses questions such as: 

  • Why do interior designers benefit from knowing the basic chemistry of material formulations?  
  • What are the potential impacts of chemistry on human health based on risk and exposure?  
  • What considerations/priorities based on performance are important in making product selection decisions?  
  • What questions should interior designers consider asking product manufacturers in the process?  
  • How do we achieve transparency and innovation? 

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