Color: Pigment to Perception

Learn how to manage the new challenges involved in understanding and interpreting color in your design work.

Designers today are confronted with more color complexity than ever before. Comparing and matching color in product selection now involves working across multiple media and devices. This is not a simple process, as your perception of color in person and digitally are not the same. Demystify this phenomenon and learn tips to manage the new challenges involved in understanding and interpreting color in your work. 

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What You Will Learn
  • Build your knowledge of color space and application of RGB, CMYK, and RYB systems.
  • Identify the challenges in how we see color and how color perception may differ for individuals and across media.
  • Articulate the difference between pigments and dyes, and learn how each is used in various applications.
  • Explore how to get the color you want when working with different media, including viewing color online, in print, or on fabrics or wallpaper.

Continuing Education Approvals
  • 1 IDCEC CEU | CC-106776R2 (Your CEU will be reported to IDCEC on your behalf.)

Access period: One year from registration date.


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