Design is an Inside Job: Create a Happy You (Closing Keynote)

Wrap up your ASID Virtual Conference experience with an inspiring call to action. Explore how each one of us can contribute to the conversation and make a difference through the impact of design.

You will learn about the three waves of change currently taking place and the importance of cultivating your own happiness to design a you that is able to deal with change, uncertainty and disruption while simultaneously adding your authentic happiness to positively impact lives. In addition, you will learn about the fundamentals of happiness and be equipped with a 30-day Happiness Practice you can begin immediately.

Prior to tuning in, take the 100% confidential and free Happiness & Burnout Assessment to check your own levels of happiness and burnout. Learn more at

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Nancy L. O’Brien

Co-founder, Experience Happiness LLC

Nancy L. O’Brien is passionate about researching, developing and sharing innovative tools to enhance and measure well-being and performance at the individual and collective level. Prior to co-creating The Happiness Practice, Nancy spent years on the leading edge of massive innovation and change, serving on the IBM change team to transform the global business from manufacturing to services. She has also shared her deep experience design and management expertise with many clients by helping them develop and implement bespoke strategies.

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