Effective Listening to Increase Team Productivity and Collaboration

Learn the importance of listening in effective team productivity and collaboration. 

Communication is critical to any relationship and the most fundamental of all the soft skills. It is the most important of the six key indicators of highly functioning teams. Learn how to be a more effective listener and enhance your leadership skills in the areas of communication, productivity, collaboration, accountability, and performance.

This is a recording of a live webinar held on May 9, 2019, Part One of the EXP Speaker Series: Team Leadership Essentials.

What You Will Learn
  • Identify the missing step in creating effective communication. 
  • Recognize the costs associated with ineffective communication. 
  • Identify the two types of listening skills necessary to communicate effectively in the workplace. 
  • Understand the need for clarity of action before executing on tasks to avoid costly errors. 
  • Obtain new techniques and one common model for effective listening and communication in the workplace.

Continuing Education Approvals
  • 1 IDCEC CEU | CC-109766 (Your CEU will be reported to IDCEC on your behalf.)

Access period: One year from date of registration.

Renée Safrata

Founder and Owner, Vivo Team Development

Over the past 30 years, Renée Safrata has helped over 250 companies and 2000 business executives throughout North America connect and adopt new behaviors to become confident members of highly functioning teams. She firmly believes that this philosophy of connection is what ultimately drives productivity and contributes to company results. After 11 years in the interior design business, Renée shifted careers to consult to CEOs, COOs, executive management teams, senior teams, associations, and entrepreneurs to build more focused, engaged, and results-oriented collaborative teams. She is the founder and owner of Vivo Team Development, an HR Technology company delivering analytics and digital performance management solutions to activate talent and empower employees. 


Effective Listening to Increase Team Productivity and Collaboration - Welcome Video
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Part 1: The Communications Loop
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Open to view video. This 17 minute video includes the course introduction and walks you through all the steps and roles in the Communications Loop. (This video includes audio)
Part 2: Different Types of Listening
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Open to view video. This 7 minute video covers the different types of listening and how to employ them in your work life. (This video includes audio.)
Part 3: Live Webinar Participation with Q&A
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Open to view video. This 13 minute video includes learner participation from the live webinar, wrapping up with Q&A.
Effective Listening Course Quiz
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