Eight Attributes of Contract Furniture

Evaluate your contract furniture choices based on quality and craftsmanship, safety and performance, health and wellness, and sustainability.

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Become a more informed specifier through this exploration of eight key attributes of contract furniture. You’ll gain insight into many of the crucial factors to weigh in your decision-making, including performance, sustainability, and health and wellness. We’ll provide information and tools you can use to assess each of these eight attributes and evaluate the optimal balance in order to create spaces that meet unique design criteria and work effectively for the occupants. 

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What you will learn
  • Describe the importance of original and authentic design, process controls in manufacturing, construction methods for wood and upholstered furniture, and how this impacts safety.
  • Recognize how furniture contributes to the health and wellness of occupants including chemical exposure, ergonomics, and the importance of ethical companies.
  • Evaluate important dimensions of planetary health, and the sustainability attributes associated with common materials used in commercial furniture.
  • Identify relevant verification and certification systems and discuss the value they contribute toward product evaluations.

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  • 1 IDCEC | HSW | CC-108634-1053 (Your CEU will be reported to IDCEC on your behalf) 
  • 1 AIA LU | 8ATTRIBUTES (AIA Members: Please contact education@asid.org to have your completion recorded)

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