Health + Wellness Protocols 2: Interiors, Foundational Concepts

This second module in the Health + Wellness Protocols series will introduce interior designers and architects to the baseline information necessary to understand this growing health and wellness approach to design practice. It describes market opportunities for healthier interiors and buildings and the benefits to design professionals of developing expertise in this growing field. Participants will learn about the major body systems that affect physical health, mental health, and wellness, as well as design opportunities that can promote health of these systems. The module introduces core topics that designers need to understand to select materials, products, and components that support healthier interiors. Finally, the module discusses an integrative design approach that designers can take when working with clients and other professionals to optimize the health performance of interiors and buildings. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the purpose of the Health + Wellness Protocols and the benefits to interior designers of developing expertise in health and wellness design.
  2. Identify the major body systems that contribute to health and well-being and how interior spaces can affect them.
  3. Describe core topics that designers need to understand to design healthier interiors.
  4. Develop critical thinking skills around a design process for interior solutions that enhance health and well-being.

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AIA Course Number: ASIDHWP2; 1 LU | HSW

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