Wellness Design in the Home

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Explore the dynamics impacting residential design in the COVID era, identifying the role that paint technologies can play in helping promote health and wellness. 

Home. The definition of what makes a house a home may not have changed, but the disruption caused by the global health crisis has upended how we live in, feel about and use our homes. As designers, you play a vital role in helping your clients transform underutilized spaces and incorporate colors and materials that help them create a sense of well-being in their homes. You will learn more about the role paint technologies play in promoting better indoor air quality, recognize how intrinsic color is in the wellness discussion, and identify design elements that harness the power of nature to promote physical and emotional well-being.

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What You Will Learn
  • Understand the trends influencing residential design in the COVID-era. 
  • Learn how coating technologies can help contribute to well-being, with respect to indoor air quality, odors, mold and mildew and certain disease-causing bacteria. 
  • Incorporate strategies for including biophilic design elements that harness the power of nature to promote physical and emotional well-being. 
  • Review the role color plays in promoting a feeling of well-being within a space.

Continuing Education Approvals 
  • 1 IDCEC CEU | HSW-Sustainability | CC-114266 (Your CEU will be reported to IDCEC on your behalf by the Content Provider.)
  • 1 AIA LU | HSW | Wellness (AIA Members: Please contact education@asid.org to have your completion reported by the Content Provider)
  • 1 GBCI CE Hour | Course Number: 920023611 (Please self-report GBCI credit hours. Certificate of completion provided)

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Wellness Design in the Home Course
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