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Keep your skills sharp and your knowledge fresh with the ASID Virtual Internship!

With a successful kickoff in 2020, the ASID Virtual Internship continued in Summer 2021 to provide you with more opportunities to experience critical professional development and enhance your design knowledge. The ASID Virtual Internship connects participants with their peers and future colleagues, empowering them through an independent, immersive learning experience. Through a mix of on-demand content and live learning sessions, you will master new skills, dive deeper into the world of design, and start building your network to launch your career. 

The 2021 Summer Series focused on the details and digging deep on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the industry. What type of collaborations take place to ensure a project runs smoothly?  Do I really need that certification? Building codes and standards, what should I really be paying attention to? You’ll discover the answers to these questions and much more.

2021 Summer Series On-Demand Content Available

Beauty of Impact: Design & Social Justice 

Designing for social justice puts people and communities first. The beauty of social justice projects is seen in the resulting impact and reflection of the communities they serve. Hear from the designers and educators who have led projects on a variety of scales, from the built environment to the development of curriculum, and see how this work can bring about positive mental, physical, and social outcomes for people and communities. Inversely, find out how the design team is impacted by the lessons learned from the people they serve in these projects. Empower yourself to bring social justice practices to your work that will have a lasting benefit and be seen and felt for decades. 

Recording available under Current Issues & Opportunities once you’ve registered for the Virtual Internship.

Career Path Exploration: What to Expect 

Part of being an intern is making connections with professionals who will offer guidance on potential career options and next steps after graduation. Conversations with practitioners about their first jobs out of school can be very valuable, giving you a chance to hear how they got started and how their paths have evolved with more experience. The ASID Virtual Internship offers you the opportunity to have these conversations with mid-career designers, the 2020 ASID Ones to Watch Scholars. Each of the eight Scholars has recorded their career story, with a particular focus on their first job out of school.

Access under Teams & Roles once you’ve registered for the Virtual Internship.

The Competitive Advantage of NCIDQ Certification

Give yourself a competitive edge in the job market, establish your credibility and expertise, and qualify to register as an interior designer in many states – all of these futures are possible when you earn NCIDQ Certification. Earning the Certification involves a combination of education, work experience, and sitting for a three-part exam. You may be wondering if it’s worth the effort. Learn from practitioners who’ve gone through the process and hear how NCIDQ Certification has made a difference in their careers by opening doors to expanded job opportunities. Get practical advice as you map your future to earning NCIDQ Certification.

Recording available under Current Issues & Opportunities once you’ve registered for the Virtual Internship.

In Conversation: The Designer-Rep Relationship 

Some of the most important relationships you’ll build in your design career are with manufacturer and vendor reps. Reps are invaluable resources for your projects, helping you to find the right solution when specifying materials, finishes, furniture and other products. Hear the rep's perspective on how they help designers on their projects and in making connections across the industry. Then get the designer's take on how to effectively engage with reps and how they’ve leveraged these relationships throughout their career.

Recording available under Products, Materials, & Vendor Relationships once you’ve registered for the Virtual Internship.

The Multiplier Effect: Working with Consultants

Designers tap many different specialty consultants when working on projects, partnering with experts in everything from acoustical design to medical planning to take their projects to the next level. Learn about the wide variety of specialists you may engage with on the job beyond your internal team members, helping you be better prepared to contribute as a new designer.

Recording available under Teams & Roles once you’ve registered for the Virtual Internship.

Problem-solving Scenarios: Codes and Construction

Internships give you the opportunity to work directly with practitioners to solve design problems, exchange ideas, and see how they would approach a solution. The Problem-Solving Scenarios give you a similar opportunity to tackle on-the-job challenges, designing solutions that incorporate your knowledge of codes in the construction process. Provided by practitioners from the ASID Advocate by Design Council, the scenarios represent the type of tasks typically assigned to new designers, giving you a valuable chance to practice what you’ve learned in school.

Recording available under Project Phases & Process once you’ve registered for the Virtual Internship.

What You Will Learn 

Your Virtual Internship encompasses five content areas, building critical skills and positioning you for success in your first professional role.

  • Products, Materials, and Vendor Relationships
  • Current Issues and Opportunities
  • Teams and Roles
  • Project Phases and Process
  • Portfolio Design and Development

How It Works

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