Specifying Residential Upholstered Furniture to Safeguard Human Health and Well-Being: A Toolkit for Reducing Fire and Chemical Risks

This toolkit will help you consider chemical safety and fire safety when selecting furniture, with guidance on specifying solutions that address this safety convergence. 

Protection from fire hazards and chemical risks are not mutually exclusive and should be an essential safety feature of residential furniture. New research has evaluated the chemical exposure risks of residential upholstered furniture alongside its fire safety risks, looking at various flame-resistant fabrication strategies. This research found that there is a way to manufacture chairs without the use of chemical flame retardants that successfully addresses fire safety concerns. Specifically, this can be achieved through use of a fire barrier that fully encapsulates the cushion in upholstered furniture. Read this user-friendly toolkit to access essential information, directly applicable to your practice. 

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Specifying Furniture
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