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ASID Chapter Leader Development Model

The chapter's business plan, objective, and goals identify what you need to achieve throughout the year. The ASID Chapter Leader Development Model provides a framework for how you need to work together to achieve your goals.

Learn more about the model from ASID leadership.

Chapter Leader Development Model

The ASID Chapter Leader Development Model identifies the core capabilities that you need as an ASID chapter leader to grow and sustain thriving member organizations. It defines the actions and behaviors that set you up for success as an individual leader and as a high-performing ASID chapter board.  


Benefits of building your skills identified in the model include

  • Evaluating the strengths of the chapter leadership team 
  • Setting expectations and team norms 
  • Identifying and resolving performance issues 
  • Assessing and selecting new board members 
  • Guiding board problem-solving and decision-making
  • Creating a development plan for your personal growth as a leader  

Managing Processes

Managing Processes 

Strategies, Goals, Objectives

Processes define the functional activities that drive results and give structure to chapter work. The foundational elements of managing processes are the chapter's strategies, objectives, and goals. 

For ASID chapter leaders, managing processes means balancing the day-to-day activities of running the chapter with operationalizing strategic initiatives. It includes implementing, managing, and continually improving processes to deliver value and enhance the member experience. 

Managing processes includes:

  • Driving results
  • Running the chapter
  • Operationalizing strategies.
Leading with Purpose

Leading with Purpose

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Purpose is the lens that focuses all chapter activities and gives personal meaning to chapter work. The foundational elements of leading with purpose are the chapter's mission, vision, and core values, which answer the questions: Why do we exist? What are we building? And, what do we stand for?

For ASID chapter leaders, leading with purpose means understanding the long-term goals of the Society and the chapter and setting clear directions to achieve those goals. It includes understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities of being good stewards and making sound decisions that advance the Society, the chapter, and the profession.

Leading with purpose includes: 

  • Setting direction 
  • Acting with integrity 
  • Making effective decisions
Engaging People

Engaging People

Culture, Capability, Partnerships

People are the source of growth and innovation come from working together, challenging each other, and supporting each other every day. The success of the chapter depends on a team with a shared commitment to the vision, mission, and core values of the organization. The foundational elements of engaging people are the chapter's culture, capabilities, and partnerships.

For ASID chapter leaders, engaging people means creating a culture of trust, respect, and passion for the profession. It includes continually developing individual and team capabilities and building supporting, professional relationships with partners within and outside of the chapter. 

Engaging people includes:

  • Building capability
  • Collaborating and partnering
  • Influencing interpersonal interactions.

Resources & Learning

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